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Barnwood Skylines and Home Furnishings

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Bringing reclaimed wood back to life - Barnwood Skylines

EarlWorks - Recently Featured on WCCO News - Barnwood Skylines

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Inspired by their Grandfather, Earl Hoeft and his love of woodworking. John Hoeft and Zach Carlson are carrying on the tradition by bringing reclaimed wood back to life. 


Earl Hoeft (1905-1991) worked at the Burlington Northern Railroad in Brainerd, MN for 25 years. After a long day of hard labor, he would come home to his wife, Beatrice Hoeft and 4 children, Jean, Joan, Gary, and Neil. Next to his house in Brainerd there was an old garage turned into a workshop, here is where he would build lawn ornaments, birdhouses, cement sculptures, and various other woodworking projects. He eventually turned the front of his home into Hoeft's Gift House and spent his retirement years building and selling his work to the public.


Earl shared his skills with his children and grandchildren. Neil went on to build lawn ornaments and Joan has her own line of greeting cards. John Hoeft (Grandson) and Zach Carlson (Great Grandson) have teamed up to carry on the tradition.


In addition to Barnwood Skylines, Zach builds a variety of home furnishings from reclaimed wood. 


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